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KBC 12, Episode 3 Quiz Question and Answers

Question 1: "Which of these states is also known for 'Aligarh ke taale', 'Bareilly ka surma' and 'Firozabad ki chudiyan'?"

A. Uttar Pradesh

B. Madhya Pradesh

C. Himachal Pradesh

D. Bihar

Answer: (A) Uttar Pradesh

Question 2: "In 2008, Rajasthan Royals became the first winner of which annual sporting event?"





Answer: (D) IPL

Question 3: "What are the terms 3G, 4G and 5G related to?"

A. Population Generations

B. Phone Networks

C. Digital Camera

D. Grading in Schools.

Answer: (B) Phone Networks.

Question 4: "Which of the following will be heavier than 1450 g of iron?"

A. 1 kg of rice

B. 1.4 kg of paper

C. 1.7 kg of cotton

D. 1.3 kg of husk.

Answer: (C) 1.7 kg of cotton

Question 5: "Which of these songs about rain does not have any rain sequence?"

A. Tip tip barsa paani (Mohra)

B. Rimjhim ghire saawan (Manzil)

C. Barso re (Guru)

D. Ghanan ghanan (Lagaan)

Answer: (D) is Ghanan ghanan (Lagaan)

Question 6: "The politician heard in this audio clip is the president of which party?"

A. Samajwadi Party

B. Bahujan Samaj Party

C. Rashtriya Lok Dal

D. Communist Party of India

Answer: (A) Samajwadi Party

Question 7: "Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Daman and the island of Diu were all under which European colonial power?"

A. Denmark

B. France

C. Britain

D. Portugal

Answer: (D) Portugal

Question 8: "Agni Ki Udaan is the Hindi translation of which personality's autobiography?"

A. Homi Jehagir Bhabha

B. Kalpana Chawla

C. APJ Abdul Kalam

D. Vikram Sarabhai

Answer: (C) APJ Abdul Kalam

Question 9: "During the Battle of Kurukshetra, Krishna deceived the Kauravas by hiding the sun behind clouds to enable Arjuna to kill whom?"

A. Shakuni

B. Dronacharya

C. Dushasana

D. Jayadratha.

Answer: (D) Jayadratha.

Question 10: "Which company is the world's largest manufacturer of vaccines by number of doses produced (volume)"

A. Biocon

B. Serum Institute

C. Indian Immunologicals

D. Bharat Biotech

Answer: (B)Serum Institute

Question 11: "Which Indian hockey player holds the record for the most number of goals scored in an Olympic final?"

A. Gurbux Singh

B. Leslie Claudius

C. Balbir Singh Senior

D. Keshav Dutt

Answer: (C) Balbir Singh Senior

KBC 12, Episode 3 Quiz Question and Answers

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