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Mo Bus Odisha App Download for Android and IOS

About Mo Bus

The MO BUS service is provided by Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT), a company constituted by the Government of Odisha for providing public transport in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, and Puri. MO BUS App of CRUT is a simple-to-use application for accessing bus services being provided by the company under the “MO BUS” brand. 

Mo Bus Odisha App Download for Android and IOS

The Application will provide guidance to commuters to reach nearby bus stops and to access real-time information on the running of buses. It supports the identification of your present location and guides you to nearby bus stops within the range of 500 meters. The application also provides navigation through the shortest route to the nearest bus stop and approximate time required to walk to that station. A list of routes of upcoming buses on all nearby bus stops are also shown in the application for the commuter to select preferred route based on destination.

MO Pass Online

The application supports buying bus tickets and passes online through digital payments. The commuters can book tickets for any selected route and obtain passes for a period or for a defined route, as per their choice.

- Choose the route

- Provide the number of passengers and

- Simply pay through multiple modes of digital payment available in the application.

The tickets and passes are provided as QR codes for pre-Defined validity after which they expire and cannot be used. Commuters are advised to buy the online QR coded tickets as per their travel need and bus route timings only.

Mo Bus Odisha App Download

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