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How to parcel your bike to other cities by train, know its rules and method

 If you want to send your bike or scooter from one place to another with the help of a train, then this news is for you only. Today we are going to tell you how to do this.

How to parcel your bike to other cities by train, know its rules and method

Many times people have to shift from one city to another in connection with studies or work. In such a situation, people also take their bike or scooter with them. For this, transporting through Indian Railways can be a good and cheap option. With the help of railway courier, goods can be easily sent from one place to another. We tell you how to send a bike or scooter by train.

There are two ways to transport

Let us tell you that there are two ways to transport any goods from Indian Railways - in the form of luggage or in the form of parcel. Lazeg means that you are carrying the luggage with you during the journey. Whereas parcel means that you are sending the goods to the place of your choice, but cannot travel with it.

How to parcel? 

To parcel the bike, first you have to go to your nearest railway station. There you will be given all the information related to the parcel from the parcel counter. After getting the information, all the documents will have to be prepared. Keep both the original copy and photocopy of the documents with you. Original copy may be required at the time of verification. After this the tank of your bike will be checked before parceling. 

Things you need to know about bike transport

  • Make a booking at least one day before the day you want to send the bike. 
  • The registration certificate and insurance papers of the bike should be together.
  • Your ID card - like Aadhar, driving license etc. will also be taken with you.
  • The bike should be well packed, especially the headlight.
  • There should be no petrol in the bike. If there is petrol in the car, then a fine of 1000 rupees will have to be paid.

How much will the rent cost?

For sending goods by railway, the fare is calculated according to the weight and distance. Railway is the cheapest and fastest means of transporting bikes. Luggage charges are higher as compared to parcels. The average fare for shipping a bike up to 500 km away is Rs 1200, although it may vary slightly. Apart from this, about 300-500 rupees can be spent on the packing of the bike.

Anyone can book a bike

Even if the registration of the vehicle is not in your name, you can still book the vehicle with your ID, but the RC and insurance papers of the vehicle are necessary. The bike should be packed properly so that there is no damage in it. Parcel booking is done from 10 am to 5 pm. Luggage booking can be done anytime.


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