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What is the procedure to open NPS -Swavalamban account?

1. Contact the aggregator.

2. Fill up the registration form.

3. Provide KYC documents.

Identity Proof &Address Proof.

4. Minimum contribution of Rs.100/- at the time of registration.

5. Receive “Your” Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) card through an aggregator

You will have to invest a sum of Rs.100. Though there is no minimum contribution requirement per year, it is recommended that a contribution of at least Rs.1000 per year is made to ensure a reasonable pension after retirement.

How do I continue making contributions once I have been registered into NPS -Swavalamban?

You are required to make your contributions at the time of registration and subsequently

through an Aggregator. You are required to make the contributions subject to following


1. Minimum contribution amount at the time of Registration - Rs 100

2. Though there is no minimum contribution requirement per year, minimum contribution of

Rs. 1000/-per year is recommended to avail Swavalamban benefit. However it may be

remembered the higher contribution amount will yield higher pension and since Swavalamban

benefit is available for contribution upto Rs 12000/- it may be desirable to save higher amounts

in your NPS-Swavalamban account.

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