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Free Smart Phones Scheme in Odisha 2022 - Eligibility, Documents, Form, Registration Online

India's state governments have launched a number of efforts to advance the agriculture sector. It will be impossible to improve agricultural conditions without helping farmers, as farming still requires a lot of labor. In light of this, the government of Odisha is working to reduce the distance between farmers and technical advancements. 

Free Smart Phones Scheme in Odisha 2022 - Eligibility, Documents, Form, Registration Online

In response, it introduced a program that gave male farmers free smartphones. The government now provides the same facility for female farm laborers as a result of its success. The Free Smartphone Yojana for Women Farmers is about to launch formally thanks to the state administration.

Name of the scheme Free Smartphone Yojana for Women Farmers
Launched in (state) Odisha
Launched in the year 2018 – 2019
Launched by Chief minister Naveen Patnaik
Officially announced by Surya Narayan Patro (Cooperation Minister)
Supervised by Odisha Cooperation Department
Implemented by Odisha State Agricultural Marketing Board
Implementation commences on July 2018

Key features of the Free Smart Phones Scheme

  • Development of women and agriculture - This project's primary goal is to advance women's empowerment and agricultural development. Female agricultural workers will be able to improve their performance by utilizing technology. By 2022, the government of Odisha will be able to treble agrarian output.
  • Free smartphone - As part of this program, the state authorities will provide each female candidate a smartphone. The applicants will receive the smartphone at no charge.
  • Process of implementation: The state agricultural department has chosen to launch this program on a modest basis for the time being. Its first phase of deployment will begin in July.
  • Estimated recipient - According to reports, the state would make an effort to connect with about 70% of the women who work in agriculture. It will serve as a strong foundation for the government of Odisha's other development initiatives.
  • Obtaining information about agriculture - Using this smartphone, women farmers will have access to apps and agricultural helplines to learn about crop rotation, cultivation, crop protection, and harvesting techniques. Obtaining weather reports Applicants will be able to use these smartphones to obtain weather updates in order to be better equipped to protect their crops from natural elements.
  • Getting information about new programs - The phones will provide updates and news directly connected to agriculture. In addition, women will learn about new agricultural loans that are being offered by banks and the government.
  • Information about soil development will be available to female agricultural workers together with information about crops and the weather. They will receive advice on how to improve soli's fertility for greater output.
  • Technology use will increase due to these phones as women farmers can gradually learn how to utilize them. It will result in general technological growth as well.
  • In addition to all of these advantages, these smartphones will give female farmers direct access to agricultural helplines. The state government runs a number of agriculture helplines to provide farmers with all possible support.

Application Eligibility

  • Only female agricultural workers will be permitted to benefit from this free smartphone program this time around.
  • Legal residents of Odisha are required for these women farmers. They won't be allowed to make use of this project's benefits otherwise.
  • Type of farmer — This program will only accept applications from women farmers who operate small or marginal farms. It isn't intended for people who own prized huge farms.

Documents required for application

  • Residential documentation - Since the scheme is run by an Odisha state agency, only women farmers who possess valid residency credentials are eligible to apply.
  • They also need to provide sufficient identifying verification in the form of documents. The Aadhar Card and other similar documents are acceptable.
  • Agricultural documentation - Since the program is solely for women who are directly involved in farming, applicants must present these documents to substantiate their claims of professional expertise.
  • If the women are in possession of Kisan Credit Cards, which were issued by the Odisha state government, they may also submit a photocopy of such cards.

How to get the application form?

According to the relevant state authorities, this scheme's full application process will be completed online. To ensure that all candidates can enroll conveniently and receive their phones as soon as possible, the necessary action has been performed. The state will shortly develop a website where potential students can obtain the electronic enrollment form.

How to apply for the online portal for the scheme?

  • Through the official portal, all interested female agricultural workers may sign up for the smartphone program. The portal hasn't been opened yet. As soon as this occurs, state officials will release the relevant information.
  • The online application form will be available to applicants on this website. They must provide their identity and address information in the application document. For further examination, other information can also be required.
  • The completed form must be submitted online after completion. The state agricultural department will upload the final beneficiary list on the same portal following the selection.

Information about the smartphone

  • Android phone - The state will give female farmers cutting-edge smartphones. The Android operating system will power these phones. Given that the majority of apps are designed to work with Android phones, it has been a strategic move.
  • These cellphones will be 4G equipped to make sure that female farmers can access the internet for the information they need.

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