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How to Apply for Colour Voter ID Election Card Online

Each year, hundreds of teens turn 18 and register to vote for the first time. You can submit an online application for your election card with just a few mouse clicks. Please read the instructions for requesting an Indian voter ID card. Please follow the short instructions below to apply online for a voter identification card.

Step 1: Ensure that you have a working email address, a legitimate mobile number, and a reliable internet connection before beginning the online voter ID card application process.

Step 2: Launch your web browser on your PC (preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

Step 3: Now go to 

Step 4: The web browser will show the subsequent page.

Step 5: Click on Apply Online Registration for New User since this is our first time applying for a voter ID card online. Please click the Apply Online Registration for New User button.

Step 6: Please choose your State and continue to fill out all of your information to finish the registration procedure.

Step 7: Please double-check that you have completed all of the required fields before clicking the Save button. Please visit if you have any questions.

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