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How to check Bhu Naksha Odisha Land record?

  1. Visit the official website Bhu Naksha web portal
  2. Now, select your district from the drop-down list under “Select District
  3. Click on the “Submit” button
  4. After selecting the “Submit” button, you will land on the Bhu Naksha Home page
  5. Now you have to select your “Tehsil”, “RI”, and “Village
  6. Then, the land map of your entire village will open on the right side. In this, you have to select the “Plot number” of your land.
  7. Then, the left-side “Plot info” will appear.
  8. This includes the reports of “ROR Front Page”, “ROR Back Page”, “ROR Home Page” and “Map Report
  9. To view the Bhu Naksha, click on the “Map Report” option
  10. Then, the digital land map of your land will open. This page will include all the important information related to your land
  11. You can Print/Download a land map of your land.
How to check Bhu Naksha Odisha Land record

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