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Indian army online application 2021 for various position- Minimum 8th Pass

Army Recruitment Rally will be held for eligible candidates of Puri, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Khorda, Balasore, Mayurbhanj, Jajpur, Jagatsingpur, Kendrapara, and Nayagarh districts from 12 March 2021 to 24 March 2021. The exact location and venue of the rally will be confirmed later as per the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Online registration is mandatory and will be open from 11 January 2021 to 24 February 2021. Admit Cards for the rally will be sent to candidates registered e-mail 15 days prior to the commencement of the rally. The candidate should reach the venue on the given date and time as mentioned in the Admit Card. Any candidate who fails to produce his admit card will not be allowed to participate in the Rally. 

Indian army online application 2021 odisha - Cuttack (Registration open for various position) - 8th Pass
Indian army online application 2021 odisha - Cuttack (Registration open for various position) - 8th Pass

Special Instructions

(a) Any candidate who has not received admit card by 15 days prior to the commencement of the rally, may approach Army Recruiting Office, Cuttack for further clarification.

(b) Candidate can apply in only one category. If anyone is found registered for multiple trade /categories, he will be disqualified and will not be considered for any trade/category. Choose wisely before applying. For online Registration & Online Application, assistance will also be provided to candidates at Army Recruiting Office, Cuttack on working days from 1000hrs to 1400hrs.

(c) 01 October 2020 will be taken as the effective date of determining the age eligibility of the candidate. Candidates to produce the birth certificates at the time of preliminary document check.

(d) Candidates reporting after 0600hrs will not be allowed to participate in the Rally.

(e) Personal e-mail and Mobile Number is MUST. All important messages will be sent to this e-mail ID/Mobile Number like short listing/Call letter/joining instruction result etc. Sharing of e-mail ID and Mobile Number is not permitted. Remember the User Name & Password for future use.

(f) Candidates must carry their AADHAR card. Ensure AADHAR details are matching with the details mentioned in the documents and the online application.

(g) Candidate’s Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, and DOB must be entered exactly as per Matriculation/10th class Board Certificate.

(h) Candidate must enter contact details and permanent home address exactly as per Domicile / Nativity / Permanent Residential Certificate issued by Sub Divisional Magistrate / District Magistrate.

(j) Those not in possession of required documents will not be permitted to participate in the Rally.

(k) Touts. In the past, a number of candidates have been found victims of touts, fake documents/impersonation and in the bargain have lost their candidature. Modus operadi / means used by the touts are as under:-

  • (i) Issue of fake PFT slips/impersonation during various stages of rally unfair means/malpractices.
  • Conduct fake recruitment rallies.
  • (ii) Snatching away original certificates from candidates who have been declared fit at the initial stage
  • and thereafter harassing them.
  • (iii) Taking away “ADMIT CARD” from the candidates under the plea that they will follow up their results.
  • (iv) Give candidates false assurance of “ RECRUITMENT” as they claim to have links at the appropriate level, thereby winning the confidence of candidates.
  • (v) Once a candidate gets through on his own efforts touts demand money in return of the original certificates.

(l) A Grievance Cell will be established at the rally site to redress any grievances.

Important Instructions

7. Administration. Candidates are advised to bring sufficient eatables and drinking water with them since recruitment is a time-consuming process.

8. Candidates will be permitted entry into the rally site only on production of Admit Card in duplicate generated online through the official website Anyone found with a fake admit card will be handed over to Civil Police.

9. Recruitment into the army is a free service. Candidates are advised not to pay bribes to anyone for recruitment as it is based purely on merit. The selection process during recruitment at all stages is computerized and transparent. Therefore, candidates are advised to be beware of touts as they cannot help them at any stage.

10. Candidates are advised to check their age & education criteria before participating in the rally. Candidates found under age/overage and not meeting education criteria will be disqualified.

11. Giving / taking a bribe, production of bogus/fake certificates, and indulging in unfair means is a criminal offense and liable for punishment under the law.

12. Certificates with overwriting, tampering of seals, or erasing / alteration of any type will not be accepted.

13. All documents submitted by the candidates are verified by government agencies before enrolment into Army. Strong legal action will be taken against individuals submitting fake documents. Even after recruitment, the service will be terminated if candidates are found to have produced fake documents or gave wrong information at the time of recruitment, despite the number of years of service individuals may have rendered.

14. No compensation for Death / Injury / Loss etc during the rally and no traveling allowance/dearness allowance for the journey is admissible. Candidates will participate in the rally at their own risk and the participation is totally and entirely

voluntary. The signing of Indemnity Bond is a mandatory requirement.

15. Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. The use of any kind of performance-enhancing drugs is strictly banned.

Candidates having been found to have used the same will be debarred from further screening.

16. Tattoo. Permanent body tattoos are only permitted on the inner face of forearms i.e from inside of the elbow to the wrist and on the reverse side of the palm/back (dorsal) side of the hand. Permanent body tattoos on any other part of the body are not acceptable and candidates will be barred from further selection.

17. Footwear. 1.6 km Run will take place on Road/Hard Surface. All candidates are advised to use suitable footwear (shoes) for 1.6 Kms Run and practice accordingly for the Rally.

18. If 180 days or more lapse between screening medical at the rally and dispatch, medical will be done again and unfit candidates in this review will not be recruited.

19. Selection is provisional till Rahdari Certificate is issued and candidates are dispatched for training.

20. Mobile phones are not permitted at the rally site and at the time of CEE.

21. Candidates are advised in their own interest to undergo a medical exam before coming for selection especially with respect to flat foot, poor vision, deformities, and physical measurements. All are advised to ensure that their ears are free of wax by getting it cleaned by a doctor prior to the rally.

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