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Odisha General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers - 2021

1. In Ancient times, Odisha was known by the name of–

(A) Konkan 

(B) Kalinga 

(C) Kurukshetra 

(D) None of the above 

(Ans: B)

2. Which is the capital of Odisha?

(A) Cuttack 

(B) Rourkela 

(C) Bhubaneshwar 

(D) Sambalpur 

(Ans: C)

3. Which is the highest point in Odisha?

(A) Malaya Hill 

(B) Masini Hill 

(C) Udayagiri 

(D) Mahendra Hill 

(Ans : D)

4. Which poet is known as the Kabi Samrat–

(A) Radhanath Ray 

(B) Baladev Ratha 

(C) Upendra Bhanja 

(D) Gopabandhu Dash 

(Ans: C)

5. Which is the official language of Odisha?

(A) Santhali 

(B) Hindi 

(C) Sadri 

(D) Oriya 

(Ans : D)

6. Which is the largest lake in Odisha?

(A) Lake Karewa 

(B) Nangin Lake 

(C) Chilka Lake 

(D) Dal Lake 

(Ans: C)

7. From the following Who is the longest served Chief minister?

(A) Giridhar Gamang 

(B) Janaki Ballabh Patnaik 

(C) Naveen Patnaik 

(D) Biju Patnaik 

(Ans: C)

8. Total number of Districts in Odisha–

(A) 25 

(B) 27 

(C) 30 

(D) 32 

(Ans: C)

9. Which chief minister of Odisha voted in Lok Sabha’s vote of confidence in April 1999?

(A) Nandini Satpathi 

(B) Giridhar Gomango 

(C) Biju Patnaik 

(D) Tathagatha Satpathi 

(Ans: B)

10. Who was the first Chief Minister of Odisha–

(A) Biju Patnaik 

(B) Nabakrushna Choudhury 

(C) Harekrushna Mahatab 

(D) Biswanath Das 

(Ans: C)

11. The famous war of Kalinga was fought in the year–

(A) 261 BC 

(B) 265 BC 

(C) 270 BC 

(D) 296 BC 

(Ans: A)

12. The Jagannath Puri Temple was built in the year–

(A) 1001 

(B) 1109 

(C) 1150 

(D) 1161 

(Ans : D)

13. The Konark Sun Temple was included in the World Heritage Site status in the year–

(A) 1970 

(B) 1984 

(C) 1986 

(D) 1990 

(Ans: B)

 14. What is the area of Odisha?

(A) 21,478 sq. mi. 

(B) 60,119 sq. mi. 

(C) 52,312 sq. mi. 

(D) 41,507 sq. mi. 

(Ans: B)

15. Who wrote the book, Gita Govinda–

(A) Narottama Dasa 

(B) Jayadeva 

(C) Vidyapati 

(D) Gopabandhu Dash 

(Ans: B)

16. In which year Huen Tsang visits Odisha–

(A) 605 AD 

(B) 630 AD 

(C) 645 AD 

(D) 657 AD 

(Ans: B)

17. Which one was the capital of Odisha before Bhubaneswar–

(A) Cuttack 

(B) Puri 

(C) Rourkela 

(D) Berhampur 

(Ans: A)

18. Which ruler started the construction of Konark Sun Temple–

(A) Bhanu Deva I 

(B) Rajaraja II 

(C) Indravarman 

(D) Narasimhadeva I 

(Ans : D)

19. Which one is the largest district of Odisha by area–

(A) Mayurbhanj 

(B) Malkangiri 

(C) Nayagarh 

(D) Cuttack 

(Ans: A)

20. In which year the first Oriya Magazine "JNANARUNA" was published–

(A) 1822 

(B) 1836 

(C) 1842 

(D) 1849 

(Ans : D)

21. On which river, the Hirakud Dam is built–

(A) Baitarani River 

(B) Gandaki River 

(C) Mahanadi River 

(D) Budhabalanga River 

(Ans: C)

22. Who was the creator of the Dhumpa Sangita–

(A) Baladev Rath 

(B) Gangadhar Meher 

(C) Mohan Senapati 

(D) Madhusudan Rao 

(Ans: A)

23. Who was the first person to received Jnanpith Award for the Oriya language–

(A) Fakir Mohan Senapati 

(B) Sachidananda Routray 

(C) Pratibha Ray 

(D) Gopinath Mohanty 

(Ans : D)

24. Which one is the first daily newspaper of Odisha–

(A) Bodha Dayini 

(B) Utkal Deepika 

(C) Dainika Asha 

(D) Kujibar Patra 

(Ans: C)

25. The first Oriya Magazine 'Bodha Dayini' was published from–

(A) Bhubaneswar 

(B) Cuttack 

(C) Balasore 

(D) Puri 

(Ans: C)

Odisha General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers - 2021

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