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Best Alternatives of "I AM SORRY", What to Say Instead of “Sorry”

 Stop Saying, “ I Am Sorry” It Might Seem Easy And Come Naturally, But Saying, ‘i’m Sorry,’ Can Make You Seem Incompetent.

Best Alternatives of I AM SORRY, What to Say Instead of “Sorry”

Saying "SORRY" can kill your career. Particularly in the context of an interview, saying "SORRY" modifies the conversation's tone. It provides a pejorative viewpoint.

Any apology you make during an interview makes you appear unsure of yourself and flustered. Learn some intelligent alternatives to saying "SORRY" now.

1. "I am very Sorry for being late." ❌

"Thank you for being so patient. Finally, I made it." ✅

2. "Sorry, my English is really bad." ❌

"My English tends to get a little shaky during interviews, so I might ask you to repeat every now and then if that's okay..."✅

3. "Sorry, I am feeling little nervous."❌

"Well, I am excited about this interview what should I talk about?"✅

4. "I don't know the answer, Sorry."❌

"To be honest, I don't know the answer right now. I need lil more time to think about it." ✅

5. “Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner...”❌

“Thank you for your patience...”✅

6. “Sorry to bother you...”❌

"Would You mind if I take a few mins of your valuable time?"✅

7. “Sorry, I haven’t thought this through...”❌

“These are my initial thoughts...”✅

8. “Sorry if this doesn’t make sense...”❌

“I have a different take that I’d love to share.”✅

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